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Red Cedar Technology Releases HEEDS 2017.04
heedsEast Lansing, MI (May 2, 2017) – Siemens Product Lifecycle Management Software is pleased to announce the release of HEEDS 2017.04. This release contains many new features driven by users to help you discover better designs, faster.

Some highlights:
  • Streamlined ways of importing and tagging parameters
  • Portals to Simcenter 3D, Amesim and Solid Edge
  • Pre-allocation of hardware resources for job submissions to clusters
  • Automated report generation
  • Radial and heat map plot displays
Please login to your  Customer Portal and choose HEEDS MDO 2017.04 from the Software and Documentation section.

Optimize This! 2017 International HEEDS Conference Announced
OptThisEast Lansing, MI (March 20, 2017) – Siemens PLM Software is pleased to announce the Optimize This! 2017 International HEEDS Conference scheduled for June 20, 2017 at the Holiday Inn City Centre in Munich, Germany. Optimize This! 2017 brings individuals responsible for product development together to learn and share how HEEDS is being used in a wide variety of industries and applications to help discover better designs, faster! The setting gives attendees the chance to participate in deeper discussions about design exploration challenges and innovations. The conference will feature presentations from key stakeholders and industry leaders currently using HEEDS to automate their design exploration processes. 
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First Japanese HEEDS User Group Meeting
JHUGEast Lansing, MI (March 21, 2017) – The first Japanese HEEDS User Group (JHUG) meeting was held on March 15th with very high attendance. There were presentations showcasing HEEDS usage at NTN Corporation for Induction Heating coil refinement and at Airbus for a static air mixer performance improvement. Recent enhancements in HEEDS were also presented. With the rapid adoption of HEEDS in the Japan market, this is the first of many JHUG meetings to come.

Red Cedar Technology Releases HEEDS 2016.10
heedsEast Lansing, MI (November 3, 2016) – Red Cedar Technology is pleased to announce the immediate availability of HEEDS 2016.10. Please login to your Customer Portal and choose HEEDS MDO 2016.10 from the Software and Documentation section.
This new release contains exciting new capabilities to help you Discover Better Designs, Faster. Some highlights are:
  • Ability to nest HEEDS projects - Useful for having inner design exploration loops that maximize or minimize specific objectives during a design study.
  • Support for Functional Mock-up Unit format (FMU) - Virtual models exported from any product that supports the FMU standard can now be incorporated in your HEEDS process workflow.
  • Save plot animations to video files - Capture design exploration animations to share with others.
  • Import external study designs - Easily compare and overlay results across projects or from experimental sources.
  • Power on Demand (POD) Licensing - POD offers the flexibility to deploy HEEDS resources when and how you need from any private/public cluster, network or on cloud infrastructures. HEEDS Power-on-Demand Solution can be purchased by users that have at least one actively maintained HEEDS license.
  • Display result plots in process workflow - Visualize and animate results for the process workflow.
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Red Cedar Technology Releases HEEDS 2016.04
heedsEast Lansing, MI (May 6, 2016) – Red Cedar is pleased to announce the availability of HEEDS 2016.04 for immediate download. Please login to our Customer Portal with your credentials and choose HEEDS MDO 2016.04 from the Software and Documentation section. This release contains exciting new capabilities for automating workflows and for gaining insight into results. Some highlights are:
  • Analysis Loops - Perform repeated runs within a workflow for one or a sequence of analyses. This is great for processing multiple load conditions, refining meshes, or creating curve fitting data.
  • Analysis Templates - Capture settings from a custom analysis for easy re-use in other processes or projects.
  • Surrogate Based Study - Easily convert an existing study to use surrogates for fast sensitivity/robustness assessment of the optimized design.
  • Self Organizing Map (SOM) Plot - Study interactions, dependencies and trade-offs of complex systems in a new visual way.
  • Support for Vector Results - View numerical vector data.
  • Animation File Support - View animation files in HEEDS POST.
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Siemens to Acquire Simulation Software Supplier CD-adapco
Munich, Germany (January 25, 2016) - Siemens and CD-adapco have entered into a stock purchase agreement for the acquisition of CD-adapco by Siemens. The purchase price is $970 million. CDadapco is a global engineering simulation company with software solutions covering a wide range of engineering disciplines including Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Solid Mechanics (CSM), heat transfer, particle dynamics, reactant flow, electrochemistry, acoustics and rheology. Last fiscal year, CD-adapco had over 900 employees and revenue of close to $200 million with software-typical double digit margins. On average, CD-adapco increased its revenue at constant currencies by more than 12 percent annually over the past three fiscal years. Siemens expects this business to continue to experience strong growth in the future.
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Red Cedar Technology Announces Optimize This! 2016 International HEEDS User Conference
heedsEast Lansing, MI (December 22, 2015) – Red Cedar Technology is pleased to announce Optimize This! 2016, the International HEEDS User Conference, scheduled for October 11-14, 2016 at The Dearborn Inn Marriott Hotel in Dearborn, Michigan. Optimize This! 2016 will bring individuals responsible for product development together to learn and share how HEEDS is being used in a wide variety of industries and applications to help discover better designs, faster! With over a hundred attendees from across the globe, Optimize This! 2016 is a special event. The setting gives attendees the chance to participate in deeper discussions about design exploration challenges and innovations in their area of interest. The conference will feature presentations from key stakeholders and industry leaders currently using HEEDS to automate their design exploration processes.
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Red Cedar Technology Releases HEEDS 2015.11
heedsEast Lansing, MI (November 24, 2015) – Red Cedar Technology is pleased to announce the release of the newest version of HEEDS. HEEDS MDO 2015.11 This version was released on 11/23/2015 and is available for download. To download a copy, please login to our Customer Portal with your credentials and choose HEEDS MDO 2015.11 from the Software and Documentation window. This release includes several new features that enhance usability and provide tools for better insights into your design space.
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Red Cedar Technology Releases New HEEDS Portal to MSC Adams Product Lineadams1
East Lansing, MI (July 29, 2013) – Red Cedar Technology, Inc. announced today that it has released a new full-featured portal linking HEEDS to the MSC Adams product line, including Adams/View, Adams/Car, and Adams/Chassis.

“This new portal brings the power of HEEDS optimization to multibody dynamics in a very simple and straightforward way. It has dramatically improved our design process,” states Jesper Slattengren of Pratt & Miller, a vehicle dynamics specialist and an advisor to Red Cedar Technology on the new capabilities. “HEEDS combined with Adams allows us to find feasible vehicle designs within highly constrained performance requirements in less time than we ever thought possible. We have used this capability to win significant new vehicle design business for our organization.”
A previously released portal to Adams/View allowed users to identify and tag any of the responses from the request file for use in design exploration studies. The new portal adds streamlined access to all of the design variables and objectives in Adams/View, Adams/Car, and Adams/Chassis so as to simplify the selection of variables to consider in optimization or design of experiment studies.

The new HEEDS portal to Adams will be released with HEEDS MDO version 7.1, available on August 15, 2013.
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CD-adapco Acquires Red Cedar Technology, Inc.CD-adapco
New York, NY (July 9, 2013) – CD-adapco's Executive Vice-President Bill Clark today announced the acquisition of Red Cedar Technology Incorporated. CD-adapco is the largest privately held CFD focused provider of Computer Aided Engineering software and services. Red Cedar is the developer of HEEDS® Multidisciplinary Design Optimization software. The acquisition will add HEEDS® MDO to CD-adapco's impressive suite of Computer Aided Engineering simulation tools, that includes STAR-CCM+, STAR-CD, Battery Design Studio and SPEED. The move further cements CD-adapco’s commitment to providing simulation tools that allow engineers to simulate entire engineering systems.

“I doubt that anyone who has been watching us closely will be surprised by this acquisition,” said CD-adapco Executive Vice President Bill Clark. “For the last five years, we have been redefining the paradigm for CAE licensing, with the stated intention of allowing our customers to perform multi-disciplinary design exploration studies that capture all the real world physics that are likely to influence a potential product during its operational life. Up until now, the key-missing component in this strategy has been a best-in-class process automation and optimization tool. CD-adapco's acquisition of Red Cedar Technology will empower our customers to leverage their simulation models by optimizing potential designs across the entire design space.”

Red Cedar Technology will continue to operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of CD-adapco and develop HEEDS® as a general-purpose process automation and design optimization tool that can be coupled with any CAD or CAE software.
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Ricardo Software Embeds HEEDS Technology in IGNITE System Modeling ToolRicardo IGNITERicardo engine
Van Buren Township, MI and East Lansing, MI (April 10, 2013) – Ricardo Software announced today that their new vehicle driveline system modeling and simulation product, IGNITE, will provide full support for design exploration and optimization through a partnership with Red Cedar Technology.

David Higbie, Global Director of Ricardo Software, stated “From the beginning, we realized that a robust design exploration and parametric system optimization capability would be critically important to our target users. After investigating possible ways to deliver this functionality, it became clear that a strategic partnership with Red Cedar Technology provided the best option.”

Under the terms of the agreement, the SHERPA search engine capabilities and HEEDS design space exploration technology of Red Cedar Technology will be embedded in every copy of IGNITE. This new product is scheduled for commercial release in Q3, 2013.
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Design Simulation Technologies Embeds SHERPA in SimWise 4DSimWise 4D Excavator
East Lansing, MI (December 6, 2012) – Design Simulation Technologies (DST), the developer of SimWise 4D, announced today that they have selected the SHERPA optimization engine from Red Cedar Technology to embed in their structural mechanics and dynamics simulation software to provide comprehensive design space exploration capabilities.

Alan Wegienka, CEO of DST, stated “For a designer-oriented tool like SimWise 4D, it is extremely important that we focus on providing significant design insight and decision support to our users. After investigating possible ways to accomplish this goal, it became clear that SHERPA was the best choice.”

SimWise 4D was born when DST acquired a license from MSC Software Corporation to the VisualNastran 4D (vN4D) product. The optimization capabilities are planned for incorporation in version 9.0 of SimWise 4D scheduled for Q1 2013.
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Scania selects HEEDS MDO for Vehicle Dynamics OptimizationScania
Gothenburg, Sweden (October 22, 2012) – Scania, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of trucks, buses, and engines selected HEEDS MDO as its solution for vehicle dynamics optimization. “HEEDS helps us solve problems faster, better, and easier than we were able to do alone,” says Anders Ahlström, Senior Analyst at Scania. “This software surpasses anything on the market in its ability to help us drive innovation.”

The incorporation of HEEDS into the engineering processes at Scania was made possible through the support of CAE Value AB, the European-wide distributor of Red Cedar Technology’s products. CAE Value engineers assisted Scania in parameterizing Scania’s vehicle dynamic simulation models and incorporating HEEDS to tune these models and discover designs that optimize handling and durability performance.
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Red Cedar Technology and ETA Revolutionize Die System Design, Simulation, and OptimizationDynaform-OP
East Lansing, MI (October 16, 2012) – Designing die systems that yield great looking designs with minimal waste, optimal performance, and an absence of wrinkling and cracking is a daunting task. ETA’s new DynaForm OP™, part of the Inventium Suite™ of products, provides the perfect solution. DynaForm OP™ combines the power and speed of Red Cedar Technology's SHERPA™ optimization engine with the simulation and analysis strengths of the DynaForm product to deliver a solution that makes it simple to optimize complex die designs. Initially, DynaForm OP™ will be focused on supporting drawbead optimization to determine proper binder force, lubrication, gage, and material. The module will also support 2D optimization of blank shape and size. Eventually, the two companies expect to offer fully automatic die face optimization.

The new OP module features an internal incremental solver that delivers exceptional speed using symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) on dual core and quad core PCs running Windows 7.

Under the new agreement, ETA will embed SHERPA™ into the DynaForm OP product in an OEM licensing arrangement.

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LMS and Red Cedar Technology Forge Alliance on MechatronicsLMS AMESim
East Lansing, MI (October 15, 2012) – Mechatronic product designs combine complex mechanical, structural, electrical, hydraulic, fluidic, and pneumatic systems to yield exceptional performance. Designing and optimizing these systems requires exceptional simulation technologies linked with an industry-leading optimization search engine. LMS and Red Cedar Technology have agreed to work together to bring such an innovative solution to the marketplace.

Through this agreement, Red Cedar will build a portal between its HEEDS multi-disciplinary design optimization software and LMS’ AMESim mechatronic system simulation environment thereby allowing mechatronic designers a simple means for optimizing system performance and cost.

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Red Cedar Technology embeds VCollab 3D Visual Collaboration Software in HEEDS POSTVCollab in HEEDS POST
East Lansing, MI (October 9, 2012) – Users of HEEDS multi-disciplinary design optimization software will soon be able to easily visualize the effect of various design variable changes on system performance without having to re-open the CAE or CAD tools where the models were created. During an optimization process, or afterward, HEEDS users can access HEEDS POST to check on the progress that HEEDS is making in meeting the optimization objectives and will be able to query each design evaluated to visualize form (CAD), stress or displacement (FEA), mode shapes (FEA), linkage positions (MBD), temperature contours, or flow streamlines (CFD).
This visual query capability in HEEDS POST will be provided through a VCollab 3D plug-in from Visual Collaboration Technologies, Inc.

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Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Banks on HEEDS to Help Win EcoCar2 CompetitionEcoCar2
East Lansing, MI (September 4, 2012) – What do you get when you combine HEEDS + NX + ANSYS + Star-CCM+? For Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU), an academic leader, this combination provides a good chance for them to win the latest Chevy Malibu Eco Future Contest.

ERAU is one of 15 teams representing prestigious universities that are participating in the EcoCar2 Competition, which is organized and sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy and General Motors. This three-year contest challenges the teams to:
• Reduce fuel consumption,
• Reduce well-to-wheel greenhouse gas emissions,
• Reduce criteria tailpipe emissions, and
• Maintain consumer acceptability for performance, utility and safety as applied to the Chevy Malibu.
HEEDS (Red Cedar Technology’s flagship product) provides the process automation capabilities to integrate various CAD and CAE tools and perform robust, design optimization. This enables commercial and academic design teams to produce innovative solutions which meet and exceed performance objectives. To learn more about HEEDS call 517.664.1137 or visit
To learn more about the Chevy Malibu Eco Future Contest and to keep track of ERAU’s progress you may wish to read this link and contact Domenic Barsotti, et al at ERAU in Daytona Beach, Florida.
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CD-adapco and Red Cedar Technology Break New Ground with Strategic Partnership
Optimate animation
East Lansing, MI (June 21, 2012) - Red Cedar Technology announced today that CD-adapco has agreed to embed HEEDS design optimization technology into the upcoming release (V7.04) of its market-leading STAR-CCM+ CFD software. The new process automation and optimization capabilities will be packaged as modules named Optimate and Optimate+.
Optimate allows engineering designers to easily set up, execute, and post-process design exploration studies such as parameter sweeps and/or DOEs. Optimate+ adds the capability to perform automated design optimization studies using the SHERPA algorithm from Red Cedar, providing the required efficiency for optimization with complex CFD simulations.  In addition to DOE methods and the SHERPA algorithm, the Optimate add-ons also tap in to Red Cedar’s post-processing methods, which allow users to easily analyze and explore results of design studies.

“The Optimate solution sets a new standard for CFD design exploration,” said Bob Ryan, CEO of Red Cedar Technology.  “CFD optimization is now simple, efficient, and cost-effective.”
Following their pattern of innovative CAE software licensing, CD-adapco announced a new Power Token licensing scheme along with the Optimate solution. Power Tokens give the ultimate flexibility to engineers allowing them to maximize their hardware and software configurations for any given situation in the most cost-effective manner. These Power Tokens can be used to “mix and match” the number of simultaneous simulations AND the number of parallel processes within each simulation.
“Software licensing costs have historically been the most prohibitive bottleneck in implementing simulation driven design in many engineering organizations,” said CD-adapco Senior VP Bill Clark. “CD-adapco prides itself on our history of working together with our customers to define innovation not only in engineering simulation technology, but also CAE licensing models. We believe the Optimate solution with Power Tokens provides unprecedented access to cost-effective simulation driven design using advanced CFD methods.”
The Optimate solution along with Power Token licensing will be available with the release of STAR-CCM+ v7.04 in June 2012.  A recorded product introduction webinar, which includes a demonstration of Optimate, is available from the CD-adapco website.
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HEEDS MDO Optimization with VI-Motorsport Simulation Produces Early Success for Triple Eight Racing Team

Triple 8 carEast Lansing, MI (April 24, 2012) Red Cedar Technology and its UK distributor, Zouch Dynamics Ltd., announced today that their technology partnership has helped Triple Eight Race Engineering and the MG KX Momentum Racing team achieve a first place race finish during the inaugural weekend of the 2012 Dunlop MSA British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) season.

“Our priorities were reliability and finishing races; however the performance we were able to extract from the car, on what was essentially day two of testing, was beyond all expectations and is due in no small part to the effort and direction that Zouch Dynamics and Red Cedar Technology have provided. The first validations we received on Saturday allowed us to make some changes overnight that we had confidence in, and they proved right from the start we were in the game.” - Carl Faux, Chief Designer at Triple Eight Race Engineering
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Red Cedar Technology Forms Strategic Partnership with TotalCAE
HEEDS MDO software and TotalCAE IT solutions integrate for a complete innovation platform{C}

TotalCAE logoEast Lansing, MI (February 29, 2012) – Red Cedar Technology announced today the formation of a strategic partnership with the Ann Arbor-based IT company, TotalCAE. Red Cedar Technology recently contracted TotalCAE's services to install a High Performance Computing cluster and batch system at the East Lansing Headquarters location. TotalCAE was chosen based on their extensive experience with both with the queuing codes and the CAE software tools that Red Cedar Technology uses regularly. TotalCAE also had prior experience installing HEEDS MDO design optimization software on compute clusters owned by Red Cedar Technology customers.


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Red Cedar Technology Forms Strategic Partnership with MSC Software
HEEDS MDO software integrates easily with MSC Adams, Nastran, Marc

MSC Software LogoEast Lansing, MI (February 17, 2012) – Red Cedar Technology announced today a strategic partnership with the California-based MSC Software Corporation. MSC Software's engineering simulation technology is used by leading manufacturers for linear and nonlinear finite element analysis (FEA), acoustics, CFD, multi-physics, optimization, fatigue and durability, multi-body dynamics, and control systems simulation. The company's products accurately and reliably predict how products will behave in the real world to help engineers design more innovative products - quickly and cost effectively. Red Cedar Technology’s HEEDS  MDO design optimization software easily integrates with many of MSC’s tools, including Adams, Actran, Easy5, Marc, XFlow and Nastran.


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Red Cedar Technology Welcomes Robert R. Ryan as President and CEO
Former Board Chairman transitions into new role on company's leadership team

East Lansing, MI (January 23, 2012) – Red Cedar Technology announced today that the company’s Chairman of the Board, Robert R. Ryan, has accepted the position of President and CEO. Mr. Ryan has more than 25 years of experience in the high-tech software industry. He previously served as President of Mechanical Dynamics, Inc. (MDI).  In 2002, he oversaw the sale of MDI to MSC.Software and served as Executive Vice President of the newly combined firm. Most recently, he served as Chairman of the Board for Red Cedar Technology and About Golf, Ltd.


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Pratt & Miller Engineering Enters Sales Agent Agreement with Red Cedar Technology
East Lansing, MI (January 17, 2012) Pratt & Miller Engineering, a respected leader in the automotive, commercial, military, and aerospace industries is actively promoting Red Cedar Technology’s HEEDS® MDO optimization and process automation software.

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Red Cedar Technology Positions Itself for Rapid Growth
East Lansing, MI (June 29, 2011) – Red Cedar Technology’s recent growth has prompted the company to implement some changes to its organizational structure, as well as recognize the many contributions of key team members this year. The company announced today that in order to sustain this growth, several promotions have been made.

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Red Cedar Technology Releases New HEEDS Post-Processing Software
East Lansing, MI (June 20, 2011) – Red Cedar Technology announced today the release of a new product, HEEDS® POST 1.0 Preview, which is data processing, visualization and discovery software. HEEDS POST 1.0 Preview allows users to import results from HEEDS MDO design optimization studies to better understand the design space, explore design sensitivities, visualize correlations, and investigate trade-offs among designs.

With HEEDS POST, users can very quickly analyze large amounts of study data to make informed design decisions. HEEDS POST 1.0 Preview offers greatly enhanced post-processing capabilities compared to those currently available in HEEDS MDO. Customers with an active license of HEEDS MDO 5.3 or later are eligible to receive one copy of HEEDS POST 1.0 Preview for each license of HEEDS MDO, at no additional cost.

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Red Cedar Technology Enters into Strategic Partnership with Applied Technology Integration
East Lansing, MI (June 1, 2011) – Red Cedar Technology (RCT) has entered into a strategic partnership with Applied Technology Integration (ATI) to expand RCT’s in-demand process automation services centered around HEEDS optimization software. 

“ATI, under the guidance of Craig Winn, a known leader in product design, understands the direction in which industry is being driven. We believe this partnership will assist Red Cedar Technology in meeting its growing product development automation services,” said Angelo Flemings, Director of Business Development for RCT.

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Red Cedar Technology Releases HEEDS MDO 5.4 and HEEDS NP 1.0
East Lansing, MI (March 2, 2011) – Red Cedar Technology announced today the release of HEEDS® MDO 5.4 (formerly HEEDS Professional), which introduces new features that streamline the design optimization process for engineers:
  • Output portals for ANSYS Workbench and Nastran
  • Input portals for Abaqus, ANSYS Workbench, LS-DYNA and Nastran
  • Fast, efficient parallel design evaluations with HEEDS PARALLEL
  • Direct integration with external queuing systems, including MSHPC
  • Automatic checks for analysis completion and success
  • Forming limit diagram (FLD) criteria
HEEDS MDO is a powerful software package that automates the design optimization process.

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Red Cedar Technology Elects New Board Chairman
Robert R. Ryan Joins Red Cedar Technology's Leadership Team
Bob Ryan
East Lansing, MI (June 30, 2010) – Robert R. Ryan was recently elected chairman of the board of Red Cedar Technology. He has over 25 years of experience in the high tech software industry and also currently serves as Chairman and CEO of AboutGolf, Limited. Mr. Ryan previously served as President of Mechanical Dynamics, Inc. (MDI). He led MDI from start-up to over $50M in annual revenues, took the company public, completed seven international acquisitions, and positioned MDI as the leader in its market sector. In 2002, Mr. Ryan oversaw the sale of the company to MSC.Software and served as Executive Vice President of the newly combined firm.

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Red Cedar Technology Expands Business Development Team
Angelo Flemings joins Red Cedar Technology as Director of Business Development
Angelo Flemings

East Lansing, MI (June 30, 2010) – Angelo Flemings has joined the Red Cedar Technology team as Director of Business Development. Mr. Flemings has over 25 years of experience in high-tech software, concept design, product design, engineering, manufacturing, testing and computer hardware. He has applied his knowledge in a variety of industries, including academic, aerospace, automotive, biomechanics, boating, general machinery, manufacturing, and railways. Prior to joining Red Cedar Technology, Mr. Flemings held senior executive, sales, and marketing positions at companies such as MSC Software, Mechanical Dynamics, Megatek, Hewlett-Packard, General Motors and Perkin-Elmer.

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ETA Collaborates with Red Cedar Technology on Industry Research for Reducing Vehicle Weight
ACP design process uses Red Cedar’s SHERPA search strategy
ETA Vehicle
Troy, MI (May 21, 2010) Engineering Technology Associates, Inc. (ETA) has announced that its Accelerated Concept to Product (ACP) process, an advanced product development process that uses design optimization technologies to provide solutions to design problems, was successful in achieving significant weight reductions as part of the Future Generation Passenger Compartment (FGPC) project and the Future Steel Vehicle (FSV) initiative. FGPC and FSV are high-profile steel industry initiatives seeking to reduce next generation vehicle weight by 30 percent or more.

FGPC ImageETA’s ACP process uses innovative, holistic product development process with multi-disciplinary (MD) loading based on topology and 3G (geometry, grade, and gage) optimization. It incorporates Red Cedar Technology's HEEDS® Professional, a powerful software package that automates the design optimization process. HEEDS contains a unique search strategy called SHERPA, a proprietary hybrid adaptive strategy for parameter optimization.

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Red Cedar Technology to Help Reengineer Cold-Chain Containers
East Lansing, MI (March 29, 2010) — Atlanta-based firm, SEEDR L3C, recently received funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to improve reverse cold-chain vaccine transport containers. SEEDR, in partnership with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), has selected Red Cedar Technology’s design process and optimization software to reengineer the potentially life-saving containers.

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Denton ATD Selects HEEDS Professional to Optimize Virtual Crash Test Dummy Models
East Lansing, MI (October 1, 2009) — Red Cedar Technology, a leading provider of engineering optimization software and services, today announced that Denton ATD has selected the company’s HEEDS® Professional software to optimize virtual finite element models of crash test dummies (anthropomorphic test devices). Denton ATD, a global leader in the development and manufacture of advanced crash dummies and safety measurement devices, produces physical and virtual dummies that are used to more efficiently design safer vehicles to meet the highest safety standards.

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HEEDS Professional 5.3 Selected as DE Editor's Pick of the Week
Dublin, New Hampshire, USA (June 24, 2009) — Desktop Engineering magazine today announced that Red Cedar Technology's (East Lansing, MI) HEEDS Professional version 5.3 software for automating design optimization has been chosen as the Editor’s Pick of the Week for June 24, 2009.

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Red Cedar Technology Recognized as a Local Community Builder
East Lansing, MI (June 11, 2009) —  Red Cedar Technology is among twenty-one local companies and community organizations recognized today for their collaborations with Michigan State University that are working to advance economic development and quality of life in mid-Michigan.

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Red Cedar Technology Releases HEEDS Professional 5.3
New interfaces for LS-DYNA and Abaqus streamline the optimization process for engineers

East Lansing, MI (May 13, 2009) — Red Cedar Technology announced today the release of HEEDS Professional 5.3, which introduces new features that will streamline the design optimization process for engineers, including direct interfaces to LS-DYNA, Abaqus 6.8, and Windows HPC Server 2008.

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Red Cedar Technology Marks Its 10th Anniversary
This year, Red Cedar Technology proudly celebrates 10 years of providing engineering design optimization software, services and technology.  As we reflect on where we have been and look toward our goals for the future, we would like to express our sincere appreciation to our customers and partners.  Your support makes possible our continued growth and makes enjoyable our continued pursuit of excellence.