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April 2017
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Under a New Umbrella

At the start of the year, Red Cedar Technology transitioned into Siemens Product Lifecycle Management Software, Inc. This provides us with the opportunity to continue to develop HEEDS as an independent platform while also ensuring tight integration with the many Siemens PLM products, including the new Simcenter portfolio. You should experience the HEEDS Design Exploration Team operating in the same manner in providing you with the high level of customer service you have come to expect. Keep reading to learn more about HEEDS news.

Customer Spotlight 
Refining Induction Heating Coils
NTN bearing
NTN Corporation is one of the most prominent bearing manufacturers in Japan. In an effort to reduce overall bearing lifecycle costs, they wanted to change the manufacturing process from traditional furnace heating to induction heating. With more than 100 types of bearings in their portfolio, they found designing appropriate induction heating coils for each of the bearings to be extremely time-consuming. They decided to use HEEDS to automate this process in order to discover better designs, faster. Mr. Hiroshi Yuuki of NTN Corporation recently presented their successful implementation of HEEDS at the Japanese HEEDS User Group Meeting.
Improving Powertrain Performance
Volvo Powertrain
Volvo Powertrain uses Optimate+ (based on HEEDS) and STAR-CCM+ 3D CAD models to design blades on pulleys in order to cool down rubber dampers that drag engine belts. In a recent study, five pulley blade shape parameters were defined and 100 simulations were launched in order to find the best design for a particular pulley. Steady-state CFD simulations were performed with rotation, and the best design giving high heat transfer coefficient and high velocity was found. Heat transfer coefficients improved by over 600% while max velocities increased over 40%. Examples of this work were presented at the 2017 STAR Global Conference.
Increasing Turbomachinery Fan Efficiency
Turbomachinery engineers are constantly searching for innovative ways to increase the efficiency of power transmission devices. Advanced Design Technology Ltd. (ADT) applies a new and completely automated workflow for discovering better turbomachinery designs faster through the combined use of three best-in-class engineering design and simulation software products: TURBOdesign1 (TD1 from ADT) was used to create parametric 3-D blade models for numerous fan design variants; STAR-CCM+ to predict the performance of each different fan design; and HEEDS to intelligently search the design space with the objectives of decreasing the power consumed by the fan and increasing the pressure gradient across the fan. In this study, 13 blade design variables were explored, 400 different fan designs were evaluated during ~30 hours of wall time, and dozens of "better designs" were discovered compared to the baseline design. ADT illustrated their findings at the 2017 STAR Global Conference.
Competing in C-Class Sailing
Flexsys Catamaran
The C-Class Catamaran has long been the incubator for advanced sailing technology. International teams are continually looking for new ways to achieve higher performance combined with the durability and ease-of-use necessary to compete successfully over a seven-day regatta. The rigid multi-element wing sails, now standard in the America's Cup, were conceived, tested and developed in the C-Class. Now teams are looking to further push the performance envelope by investigating the adoption of aerospace variable-geometry control surface technology developed by FlexSys Inc. applied to the C-Class. Morphing technology enables dynamic adjustment and shaping of airfoil elements to be asymmetric to maximize performance for the current conditions. Performance was evaluated using HEEDS in conjunction with CFD software to compare potential morphing sail concepts to the standard rigid sail configuration. Bob Schartow of Flexsys will present at this week's North American HEEDS User Group meeting on April 5th. 
Product Highlights
Simcenter What is Simcenter?
Simcenter enables you to create a digital twin of your product, a multi-fidelity model that reflects reality and continually evolves throughout the product lifecycle to accurately simulate performance from concept through actual use. Simcenter helps you go beyond simple verification to performance prediction by combining simulation, physical testing and data analytics to spot unforeseen trends. Learn how Simcenter can help you make decisions with more confidence and deliver innovations sooner than ever before. Learn more...
HEEDS MDO 2017.04 Coming Later This Spring
The HEEDS MDO version 2017.04 is scheduled for release at the end of April. Details on the new capabilities will be shared in live webinars shortly after the release. 

In the meantime, if you missed the webinars for What's New in HEEDS 2016.04, you can catch them online under our webinar archives

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4/4-6: Detroit, MI
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4/5: Online
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North American Vehicle CFD Symposium
4/19-20: Detroit, MI
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Siemens PLM Connection - Americas 2017
5/8-11: Indianapolis, IN
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North American Energy and Process Industries Symposium
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OptimizeThis! 2017 International HEEDS Conference
6/19-22: Munich, Germany
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HEEDS Events
Save the Date for Optimize This! 2017 International HEEDS Conference
OptThis logo
We are delighted to announce the Optimize This! 2017 International HEEDS Conference will be held June 20, 2017 in Munich, Germany. This conference will bring engineers and designers together to recognize, and focus on, the wide applications of HEEDS design exploration technology across all industries. Registration is now open. Visit the conference website for more details. 
Call for Presentations
Apply Now
We're looking for presentations covering a wide range of design exploration applications using HEEDS products, across all industries and disciplines. Take this opportunity to share your knowledge with peers and colleagues. You only need to provide a 100 to 300 word summary of your presentation. No written paper is required. Submit an abstract before May 1st, 2017. Presenters are granted free admission to the conference. 
Tune into this week's North American HEEDS User Group Meeting
Join us for the North American HEEDS User Group meeting on April 5th. Topics include: designing automotive chassis components, competitive C-Class sailing and new features in HEEDS 2016.10. This is a one-hour webinar and there is no cost to attend. Register today! 
Recap of STAR Global Conference 2017
The STAR Global Conference 2017 held March 6-8 in Berlin, Germany shared how to move beyond simulation into design exploration. Many presentations highlighted the use of HEEDS in their product development process. Presentations are now available at http://www.star-global-conference.com/.

Ron's Reflections

Ron Averill is one of the founders of Red Cedar Technology and a continuing contributor to our training programs. Ron takes the time to provide some thought-provoking ideas on expanding the usage of design exploration.

Handling Software License Unavailability During a Design Exploration Study
Error iconIf a valid license is not available for any of your modeling and simulation software during a HEEDS study, the default response is for that design to be classified as an error design. But this behavior can be modified using a pre-analysis command to check for the availability of a license before HEEDS launches each analysis. This simple process can help to avoid many such error designs, making your exploration studies more effective. Let's review how to do this for FLEXlm based licenses. Read more...

Company News
Please welcome our newest members to the HEEDS Design Exploration Team.

Chris Fleming
Chris Fleming - Senior Software Engineer
Chris joined the HEEDS software development team as senior software engineer at the first of the year. Chris has been developing MCAE software solutions for over 30 years at companies such as MSC Software, Autodesk and SDRC. His primary focus was on application infrastructures, however, he has worked with everything from user interfaces to database and memory management systems through all stages of software development. Most recently Chris developed software for high speed part inspection and measurement machines using laser and vision systems. He holds a Master of Science degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Michigan and bachelor's degree in physics from Hope College. His interests include wood burning (pyrography), old time radio shows and target shooting.
Andrzej Czerkawski
Andrzej Czerkawski - Advanced Software Engineer
Andrzej joined the HEEDS software development team as an advanced software engineer in February 2017. His focus will be on portal development. He has worked in the CAD/CAM industry since 1993, most recently at 4D Technology and previously at Breault Research, EDS Unigraphics and SDRC. He has expertise in solid and surface modeling, data exchange and image processing. Andrzej has a bachelor's degree in applied mathematics from the University of Nottingham (UK) and a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from the University of Birmingham (UK). Andrzej's interests include hiking, tennis, cooking and target shooting.
Sheryl Ludwick - Office Administrator
Sheryl joined the HEEDS staff as Office Administrator in February 2017. Sheryl is the first line of greeting at our East Lansing office. Sheryl recently moved back to Michigan from Chicago where she worked as an Executive Assistant for CHUBB Insurance. Sheryl has over 20 years of experience in administrative support. Sheryl holds a master's degree in business administration. Sheryl's interests include running, reading, interior decorating and keeping up with current events.

We look forward to our continued relationship on helping you discover better designs, faster with HEEDS.


Val Townsend
Marketing Manager
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