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HEEDS continues to gain momentum in the marketplace as a powerful solution for design exploration and is helping customers make headlines by using its technology to discover better designs, faster. Below are a few recent stories. Keep reading to learn more about exciting HEEDS happenings.


Customer Spotlight 


Propulsion Open Air Test Shows Success at Hyperloop One

Hyperloop One Hyperloop One has been getting lots of press lately in news channels such as BBC, CNN, Wall Street Journal and USA Today on their first public test showing how propulsion open air will work on a proposed high-speed transport system. Hyperloop is a system that could send people and cargo through tubes at the speed of sound reaching top speeds of 700 mph. The motor concept is designed using the SPEED™ motor design software and is connected to HEEDS for design exploration of key design criteria. See video of Hyperloop One's propulsion open air test.


Finding Better Treatment for Aneurysms

Flow Diverter for Aneurysm Intracranial aneurysms are estimated to occur in 2-5% of the western population. If an aneurysm is prone to rupture, treatment is required to prevent death or irreversible disabilities. As one minimally invasive treatment option, flow-diverter stents are deployed below the aneurysm sack. However, only a limited number of stent configurations is available and each aneurysm phenotype differs from patient to patient. HEEDS design exploration software is applied on flow diverter geometry in finding feasible stent configurations and identifying the optimal patient-specific treatment. Laszlo Daroczy of Otto-von-Guericke Universität Magdeburg will present his findings at OptimizeThis! 2016 International User Conference on October 12th.


Design Exploration of Gas Turbines

Dry Low NOx Hydrogen On June 28th, AnisHaj Ayed of B&B-AGEMA, a subject-matter expert in the use of CFD for leading-edge GT combustion simulations will describe how STAR-CCM+® together with HEEDS/Optimate+ enabled him to design an innovative micro-mix hydrogen gas turbine combustor using design exploration while limiting manufacturing costs, ensuring desired performance, and accurately predicting NOx production. Register for webinar today!


Solving Drilling Subsea Riser Stackup

Subsea drilling Wood Group Kenny (WGK) is a provider of engineering solutions for oil, gas and renewable energy projects. WGK has successfully integrated their DeepRiser software into an automated workflow with HEEDS to simplify virtual prototype construction. WGK will present their work at OptimizeThis! 2016 International User Conference on October 12th.


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Upcoming Events


STAR Japanese Conference 2016
6/9-10: Yokohama, Japan
More info

Powersys User Group 2016
6/9-10: Provence, France
 More info

LS-DYNA Users Conference 2016
6/12-14: Dearborn, MI
More info

STAR Chinese Conference 2016
6/13-14: Hangzhou, China
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STAR Korean Conference 2016
6/16-17: Seoul, Korea
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STAR Southeast Conference 2016
6/20: Singapore
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OptimizeThis! 2016 Conference
10/12/2016: Detroit, MI
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Capabilities Highlight


Smoothing Out the Bumps in Curve Fitting (using HEEDS MDO 2016.04)

Smooth curve fitting There are many design exploration applications where it is important for performance results to match a certain range of values, whether it be from experimental sources or ideal goals. For example, curves for engine torque vs rpm, bushing deflection vs load, or wing lift vs the angle of attack. Quite often though, the baseline curve data can include fluctuations which makes curve fitting more challenging. There can also be portions of the curve where it is far more important that there be a close fit. Read more...


2016 International HEEDS User Conference


Optimize This 2016 Make plans to attend the Optimize This! 2016 International HEEDS User Conference on October 12, 2016 in Dearborn, Michigan. Register at http://regonline.com/OptThis2016.

Industry leaders and key stakeholders will present their experience using HEEDS to automate their design exploration processes. Below are a preliminary topics:

  • Aneurysm Flow Diverter Treatment - Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg
  • Aircraft Engine Design - Honeywell Aerospace
  • U-Shaped FMC SBMS2 Seal - FMC Technologies, Inc.
  • Drilling Riser Stack-Up Selection - Wood Group Kenny
  • Hydrogen Combustion Technology - B&B Agema GmbH
  • Propulsion System Linear Motor - Hyperloop One
  • Automotive Chassis Components - CEVT, CAE Value, and Beta CAE Systems
  • Differential Pinion Shaft - Toyota Technical Center
  • Visualizing Many-Objective Optimal Solutions - NSF BEACON Center

We also look forward to having the following partners demonstrating their offerings:


Ricardo           CD-adapco       Siemens

Core Technologie     CarSim            TotalCAE


For the latest list of confirmed presentations and exhibitors, visit the conference website.


We look forward to our continued relationship on helping you discover better designs, faster with HEEDS.


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