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You may have noticed that our Red Cedar Technology logo now includes the sub-text: "A Siemens Business." Our parent company, CD-adapco, was purchased by Siemens PLM Software in April 2016. In the coming months, you will begin to see Red Cedar Technology branded as Siemens, however, please rest assured that we will continue to operate in the same manner and provide you with the high level of customer service that you have come to expect. Keep reading to learn more about HEEDS news.


Customer Spotlight 


Improving Adaptive Controller Behavior

Multimatic eDSSV The use of spool valves in dampers was pioneered by Multimatic in 2001 in order to deliver the highest level of damper predictability, accuracy, and repeatability. Precise control of these performance characteristics helps deliver the ultimate in wheel and vehicle control. The spool valve based technology is available in a range of road car and race car configurations. The latest addition to Multimatic's DSSV™ (Dynamic Suspensions Spool Valve) damper technology is an electric adaptive control valve allowing independent jounce and rebound settings to be modified in extremely fast steps. Multimatic illustrated how HEEDS was applied to explore the behavior of this adaptive controller at the HEEDS Conference 2016. The end result is the development of a toolset that allows Multimatic to explore the damper's characteristics to exceed vehicle level targets through virtual development and component level verification.


HEEDS Advances for Many-Objective Design Studies

Multi-objective plot Dr. Kalyanmoy Deb of NSF Beacon Center at Michigan State University discussed recent algorithmic developments for solving many-objective design exploration problems involving 5 to 15 objectives. These new methods can find multiple trade-off solutions spanning a multi-dimensional objective space. The next important task is to understand the trade-off well so that a single preferred solution can be chosen. Although many visualization techniques exist to represent many-dimensional data in two or three-dimensions, they have not been studied from the point of view of multi-criterion decision analysis. In his talk at the 2016 HEEDS Conference, Dr. Deb, who serves as an exclusive MDO consultant to Red Cedar Technology, reviewed some of the existing visualization methods and proposed some viable techniques for understanding and extracting key solutions from a many-objective Pareto-optimal data set. These new methods are being slated for upcoming releases of HEEDS.


Multi-Disciplinary Design Exploration of Automotive Chassis Components 

CAE Value demonstrated the value of performing multi-disciplinary design exploration studies, compared to unilateral methods based on manual iterations and/or topology search at HEEDS Conference 2016. When designing automotive suspensions -- as with vehicle development in general -- numerous performance attributes across several disciplines must be taken into account. A small change in one area can have large and sometimes unintended effects on other characteristics. When exploring design changes and new concepts, the ability to predict their effects on all key performance metrics is crucial. A scalable framework for design exploration of chassis components was developed using HEEDS. This automated simulation process incorporated ANSA, MSC Nastran, and MSC Adams/Car and led to significant design improvements in vehicle dynamics behavior.


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What's New in HEEDS 2016.10 (for Asia-Pacific)
11/30: Online
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What's New in HEEDS 2016.10 (for Europe)
11/30: Online
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What's New in HEEDS 2016.10 (for Americas)
11/30: Online
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Utilizing Automated CFD & Design Exploration for Marine Applications
12/1: Ft Lauderdale, FL
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Design Exploration: Making innovation possible
12/6: Houston, TX
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Simulating Vehicle
HVAC Systems
12/8: Detroit, MI
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STAR Conference 2017
3/6-8: Berlin, Germany
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Siemens PLM
Connection 2017
5/8-11: Indianapolis, IN
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Capabilities Highlight


Overlaying results Overlaying Results Made Easy

In each release of HEEDS, new capabilities are added to simplify capturing and automating process workflows as well as exploring the design space for more innovative solutions and ways of visualizing results to gain deeper insight into product operation and performance. 


Comparing design exploration results between different projects, models, or to experimental data is a valuable way of gaining insight. This is often used for evaluating performance against legacy designs or even competitive products. Results comparison is now even easier to undertake in version 2016.10. Results from any external source can now be imported directly into HEEDS Post. Read more...


Release of HEEDS MDO 2016.10

HEEDS 2016.10 release Red Cedar Technology recently announced availability of HEEDS version 2016.10. Please login to your Customer Portal and choose HEEDS MDO 2016.10 from the Software and Documentation section. 

This new release contains exciting new capabilities to help you Discover Better Designs, Faster. Some highlights are:

  • Ability to nest HEEDS projects - Useful for having inner design exploration loops that maximize or minimize specific objectives during a design study
  • Support for Functional Mock-up Unit format (FMU) - Virtual models exported from any product that supports the FMU standard can now be incorporated in your HEEDS process workflow
  • Save plot animations to video files - Capture design exploration animations to share with others
  • Import external study designs - Easily compare and overlay results across projects or from experimental sources
  • Power on Demand (PoD) Licensing - PoD offers the flexibility to deploy HEEDS resources when and how you need from any private/public cluster, network or on cloud infrastructures. HEEDS Power-on-Demand Solution can be purchased by users that have at least one actively maintained HEEDS license. 
  • Display result plots in process workflow - Visualize and animate results for the process workflow (see Figure 1 below)

Please refer to the Release Notes for a full list of new capabilities in this release.


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HEEDS Conferences


Recap of Optimize This! 2016 International HEEDS User Conference

HEEDS Conference We wrapped up a successful 2016 HEEDS Conference with over 120 in attendance. The event highlighted many customers applying HEEDS design exploration to discover better designs, faster. We are thankful for our customers and partners who make our products shine. 


The next HEEDS Conference is in the works for September 2017 in Europe. We will no longer use the "Optimize This" name for the conference as we'd like to showcase the whole spectrum of design space exploration.


Present at the STAR Global Conference 2017
The STAR Global Conference 2017 will continue to share how to move beyond simulation into Multidisciplinary Design eXploration. Did you solve a unique problem or discover a better design, faster? You are invited to make a 20-minute presentation that explains how you have used HEEDS and STAR-CCM+.Take this opportunity to share your knowledge with peers and colleagues. You only need to provide a 100 to 300 word summary of your presentation. No written paper is required. Submit an abstract before November 30, 2016. If accepted, a more detailed synopsis will be needed later. 
Bonus 2-for-1 Registration Special: If you sign up and pay for your registration before December 31, 2016, you will receive a 2nd registration for a colleague at no cost. This event is limited to 450 attendees and typically sells out every year. Assure your spot and register now.


Ron's Reflections


Ron Averill is one of the founders of Red Cedar Technology and a continuing contributor to our training programs. Ron takes the time to provide some thought-provoking ideas on expanding the usage of design exploration.

high speed How to Accelerate Your Design Exploration Studies
We all feel the "need for speed" when trying to find better design solutions through simulation. What can we do to speed up our design exploration studies? Let's discuss all the options here, including one that may not be obvious. Read more...


Company News


Please welcome our newest member to the Red Cedar Technology team.


Meghan Terbush Meghan Terbush - Inside Sales Representative
Meghan joined Red Cedar Technology in October 2016. She attended Western Michigan University and received her Bachelor of Science degree with a Product Development major. While in college she helped manage and run an online start-up company. Shortly after graduating, she moved to Chicago and worked in marketing for a year. She recently moved back to Michigan and is currently our new Inside Sales Representative. Initially, her role will enable timely customer service in issuing licenses and ensuring customer satisfaction. We look forward to introducing her over the phone and at live customer events. In her free time, you can find Meghan hiking, road biking, playing sports, gardening, or traveling. 


We look forward to our continued relationship on helping you discover better designs, faster with HEEDS.


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