Robustness and Reliability with HEEDS

Finite geometric tolerances, variations in material properties, and uncertainty in loading conditions will cause any manufactured part to perform slightly differently in service. However, the performance of a robust and reliable design will not change much with these expected variations, and remains above an acceptable level at all times.

To evaluate the robustness and reliability of a design, its variables and system inputs are made stochastic – that is, they are defined in terms of both mean value and a statistical distribution function. The resulting system performance characteristics are then measured in terms of a mean value and its variance.

With HEEDS®, stochastic variations can be assigned to all design variables, as well as fixed system parameters, so that a stochastic simulation can be performed, helping you achieve designs that meet the highest quality standards for robustness and reliability.

HEEDS Quality Design Capabilities
  • Taguchi robust design arrays
  • Structured sampling
  • Random (Monte Carlo) sampling