Component Optimization in a System Environment
When you have a large system that you want to optimize, but the part of the model that is changing during optimization is localized to a small area (sub-system) of the full model, you can save time and find better designs with HEEDS COMPOSE

COMPOSE is a module for HEEDS MDO that helps you optimize sub-systems using smaller models, while maintaining the coupling between the system and sub-system.
COMPOSE system and subsystem

Without COMPOSE, design optimization of a sub-system would often require you to use computational models of the complete system to capture these interactions directly. These full system models are typically very large and complicated, and require many hours of CPU time to simulate the performance of each new design scenario. It could take several weeks to optimize a small sub-system using a system-level model.

HEEDS COMPOSE can drastically reduce the time and effort required to optimize a sub-system whose performance is strongly coupled to the overall system behavior. Using COMPOSE, you can reduce the CPU time for some design studies by a factor of 10 – 1,000, depending upon the problem definition. Further, potentially thousands of design iterations can be performed in about the same amount of time it would take to perform a few system-level evaluations. This increases your chances of finding designs with significantly higher performance, and in much less time.