“We were really impressed with the design identified by HEEDS NP. The mass reduction translates
into a significant overall weight reduction for us, without compromising the quality of the final product.”

Dave Garski, Magline

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HEEDS | np

Nonparametric Shape Optimization Software

HEEDS® NP adjusts the surface shape of a 2D or 3D solid to minimize volume while satisfying stress and/or displacement constraints.

Because HEEDS NP is a nonparametric optimization tool, you don’t have to define any design variables. The mesh is your design variable, and HEEDS NP performs shape changes by moving the nodes around in the mesh. It adds mass where needed in regions of high stress and removes mass where possible in regions of low stress. The mass is added by moving the existing nodes, so there are no predefined parametric shapes. No elements are deleted, and no new elements are added to the model.

HEEDS NP modifies the nodal locations directly and is able to generate a wide variety of shapes with very little problem definition up front. The direction and amount of a nodal movement is calculated based on the stress state in the model. HEEDS NP also intelligently maintains smooth surfaces as it morphs a shape.

Benefits of Using HEEDS NP
  • Works directly on your mesh
    You do not need to create parametric CAD models to use HEEDS NP. This significantly reduces the time and effort required to perform shape optimization.
  • Reduces the mass of the part
    Using HEEDS NP results in direct savings due to reduced material costs, as well as indirect savings as the overall mass of the system is reduced.
  • Reduces stress in the part
    Reduced stress results in improved fatigue life, as well as improved design performance by satisfying constraints.
  • Integrates with Abaqus and Nastran
    No need to spend time learning a new solver or rebuilding your models to accommodate a new solver.
  • Quickly finds good designs
    HEEDS NP saves time by optimizing the shape quickly and allowing you to identify mass-efficient designs early in the product cycle.