HEEDS | post

Data Processing, Visualization and Discovery

HEEDS® POST allows you to review data and understand results from HEEDS MDO design exploration, DOE and R&R studies. Within HEEDS POST, you can create a variety of plot types and design tables, which allow you to:
  • Understand your design space
  • Explore design sensitivities
  • Visualize correlations
  • Investigate trade-offs
HEEDS POST is a full-featured plotting/graphing package that offers significantly enhanced post-processing capabilities compared to those currently available in HEEDS MDO. 

With HEEDS POST, you can plot specific data, scale plot axes, and customize plot styles. You can also create multiple-plot views that are synchronized with one another. When it’s time to share your insights, you can export plots as images and data in comma-delimited format for use in your presentations and reports.