What's New in HEEDS POST

New Features in Version 1.1
HEEDS POST 1.1 was released in April 2012 with the following features and enhancements.

Custom Multiple-plot Views
You can now create custom Views with up to 16 plots displayed at once.

Multiple Plot Views

2D Bubble Plots
You can now examine the relationship among three quantities viewed as a 2D bubble plot, which provides an additional means to explore the design space. The third dimension is displayed as symbol size.

Bubble plot

Predicted Response Table
The values for all responses predicted by the response surfaces in a HEEDS MDO study can now be viewed while performing "what-if" studies with the variables sliders.

Response Table

User Options
Many features of the application framework, plot interaction, plot display, etc., are now available for you to define.

Custom Series Styles
You can create and save custom plot styles for reuse across plots.