Forming of AA5182-O and AA5754-O at elevated temperatures using coupled thermo-mechanical finite element models

Nader Abedrabbo, Farhang Pourboghrat, and John Carsley
International Journal of Plasticity, Volume 23, Issue 5, May 2007, pp. 841-875

A temperature-dependent anisotropic material model was developed for two aluminum alloys AA5182-O and AA5754-O and their anisotropy parameters were established. A coupled thermo-mechanical finite element analysis of the forming process was then performed for the temperature range 25–260 °C (77–500 °F) at different strain rates. As a design tool, the Genetic Algorithm optimization program HEEDS was linked with the developed thermo-mechanical models and used to numerically predict the “optimum” set of temperatures that would generate the maximum formability for the two materials in the pure stretch experiments.
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