Optimization of a Multi-step Model for the Auto-ignition of Dimethyl Ether in a Rapid Compression Machine

Elisa Toulson, Casey M. Allen, Dennis J. Miller, Harold J. Schock, and Tonghun Lee
Energy & Fuels 2010 24 (6), 3510-3516

The research presented here describes the numerical optimization of a multi-step ignition model to predict the auto-ignition of dimethyl ether (DME) in a rapid compression machine. Experimental data for the ignition of DME/O2/N2 mixtures at more than 60 different conditions were used by the optimizer to determine the 26 kinetic parameters of the multi-step model that are unique to each individual fuel or fuel blend. The optimization was performed for conditions with compressed pressures in the range of 10−20 bar, compressed temperatures from 615 to 735 K, and equivalence ratios of 0.43, 0.75, and 1.5.
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