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HEEDS 2019.2 Available Now

HEEDS 2019.2 is available now!

Accelerate your engineering design processes and drive product innovation!

HEEDS 2019.2 continues to streamline design space exploration through improved functionality, enhanced post-processing, and automated analysis tool execution. These updates will help you to continue to drive innovation in product development and discover better designs, faster!

HEEDS 2019.2 Highlights

HEEDSReleaseNotes.jpgNew Script Recording and Playback
A brand-new high-level API layer has been developed for this release! It fills the gaps to access user interface functionality programmatically and to provide recording and relative playback of python scripts in MDO and POST. With this new feature, users can save recorded scripts to replay design space exploration tasks and boost their productivity and usability!

New Adaptive Sampling Strategy
New search strategies in Adaptive Sampling can now generate a higher accuracy surrogate model(s) when a limited number of designs are available. The machine learning techniques leveraged in this new feature are the first in a series of planned tool-sets, here allowing DOE sampling efficiency gains for users that need surrogate models for predictive analytics.

New Portals
New portals have been added to HEEDS 2019.2 to easily interface with your existing investment in simulation. Automatically connect to Aspen HYSYS and Autodesk Inventor without the need for custom scripting or manual manipulation.


Enhanced Remote Execution
HEEDS further leverages existing hardware investments with a new client server-based model that offers a more robust and efficient solution while using fewer resources. This is an initial deployment of the client server-based model that users should continue to witness in various regions of the product in the next few releases.



With Design Space Exploration at the forefront of an organization’s innovative drive, entire product lines can see a transformative and dramatic change in performance. All enhancements and updates of HEEDS 2019.2 increase usability, connectivity, and productivity to put all users more in control of the design process and of the analysis of results.

Simcenter™ software uniquely combines system simulation, 3D CAE and test to help predict performance across all critical attributes earlier and throughout the entire product lifecycle. HEEDS enables design space exploration for Simcenter.

To download HEEDS MDO 2019.2, log into your Customer Portal account or go to the Siemens Global Technical Access Center. The newest Release Notes and User Documents are also available for download on both sites.

NOTE: Your organization should have received an updated license file to coincide with the new release.

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HEEDS 2019.1 Available Now

HEEDS 2019.1 offers more options for implementation of complex variable relationships that allow you to simplify the definition of your study. To help you get more information from the study data, HEEDS|POST now provides the Boruta method to evaluate sensitivities. Users can leverage Rescale cloud computing in new and improved ways to discover design insights quicker and earlier in the design process saving you time and money.
HEEDS 2019.1 is packed with enhancements that continue to streamline design space exploration through improved automated analysis tools, processes and results. We hope these updates will help you to continue to drive innovation and discover better designs, faster!
Please reach out to us for any questions: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
—The HEEDS Design Space Exploration Team
A new debugging feature was added to HEEDS portals in this release to better support the user through improved messages when something unexpected happens with the simulation tool driven by a HEEDS portal. 
The new Study Relationships feature introduced in HEEDS 2018.10 has been extended and further improved with the introduction of inequality relationships. This significantly expands the application field and allows for easier implementation of complex variable relationships.
The Response Influence Plot now has a new option to choose between the default DOE option or the new Boruta calculation option. Boruta provides insights into variable sensitivities for better understanding of the design and the design space. This helps determine how much each design variable affects responses, which allows the response influence plot to be available for any study type, not just DOE studies. The DOE studies will have both options available, while the other study types will only allow the influence plot to be based on the Boruta calculations. Once the Boruta option is selected, HEEDS|POST will compute and display important values for each design and dependent variable.
Customers already have been using HEEDS processes with a high degree of flexibility in many different applications. We’re now extending this flexibility by giving the user full control of the execution location for the pre/run/post analysis commands and their condition.
Based on several requests to allow customization of contour color options, we’ve now introduced two major usability enhancements: Alternative color mappings for color plots/contours, and customization on the values associated to min and max colors.
Access to the cloud resources provided by Rescale has never been easier. We’ve further enhanced the Rescale cluster UI to support on-demand licensing for analysis software.

To download the newest version of HEEDS, click here.

New Release of HEEDS 2018.10

HEEDS LI Post 1200x627NewRelease2018 10

HEEDS 2018.10 is full of new upgrades to make your experience more flexible and more intuitive than ever before. Improved usability and simplification of analysis set up will allow for all design project team members to easily deploy HEEDS. With four new major portals added, HEEDS continues to find new ways to work with your existing software investments. HEEDS 2018.10 is packed with great enhancements that continue to streamline design space exploration through improved results, processing, and automated analysis tools.

It can be difficult to assess the process status when analyses are running with complex or parallel processes in HEEDS|MDO. The analyses’ execution stages can now be easily visualized in a Gantt-like time scale view allowing investigation of execution conflicts and bottlenecks.

Software is often installed at different locations on different machines accessed by HEEDS|MDO, making it challenging to set up an analysis with the proper execution command that works on all systems. HEEDS 2018.10 is now equipped with a simple and powerful uniform interface that allows you to specify, for each compute resource, the right configuration properties to run your solvers on that particular system, time and again, without having to reconfigure to accommodate other systems.

There are design problems that require input variable equality constraints to be enforced, which can be cumbersome to formalize into an optimization problem statement. With this new feature, ensuring the design variables add-up to a specific value is now easier than ever.

With new major portals being added, such as FEMAP, Samcef, FloMASTER and FloTHERM, HEEDS continues to find new ways to help you leverage your software investments. HEEDS 2018.10 also is packed with improvements to existing portals to boost productivity.

The new version of HEEDS now fully supports parsing XML files for tagging. Use this feature to tag, auto-tag and multi-tag input and output parameters. Tagging with XML is easy to use and requires no prior XML knowledge.

We’ve seen our users manage a lot of external data sets. They are often willing to import them into HEEDS for post processing and optimization. Now we’ve made the experience much easier and straightforward by allowing the seamless import of external data sources into HEEDS with a single button push! You can also use this feature to plot data from multiple studies on the same plot.

To download HEEDS MDO 2018.10, log into your Customer Portal account or go to the Siemens Global Technical Access Center .The newest Release Notes are also available for download on both sites. 

Simcenter SPEED

HEEDS enables Simcenter SPEED to automate and intelligently explore the design space resulting in increased machine efficiency at a lower cost.

HEEDS LI Post 1200x627 SPEED

Simcenter SPEED is an all-in-one specialized tool for the sizing and preliminary design of electric machines such as motors, generators and alternators. This software provides a built-in graphical user interface to access HEEDS in two ways: as a full HEEDS installation and as an integrated add-on tool. HEEDS enables Simcenter SPEED to automate and intelligently explore the design space resulting in increased machine efficiency at a lower cost.

Combined with STAR-CCM+, Simcenter SPEED offers design engineers a unique and powerful ability to model electromagnetic and flow/thermal capabilities in the same working process. This results in an end-to-end multiphysics solution for electric machine design and allows for thermal and stress management under a wide range of environmental conditions, leading to more affordable and better performing electric machines.

Simcenter SPEED benefits and features at a glance:

  • Electric machine template: set-up an electric machine model in minutes

  • Multi-physic software link: seamless import to Finite Element software

  • Design space exploration: automatically optimize electric machine performance with HEEDS

  • System level simulation: model export to system level model within Simcenter Amesim

Read more about Simcenter SPEED here

Download the Simcenter SPEED fact sheet
Download the Simcenter SPEED Rapid Electric Machine Design Spotlight

Siemens PLM Software Releases HEEDS 2017.10

HEEDS 2017.10East Lansing, MI (October 30, 2017) - Siemens Product Lifecycle Management Software is pleased to announce the release of HEEDS MDO 2017.10. Siemens PLM provides powerful tools for quickly and easily exploring product design options to find the best possible design to meet your needs. HEEDS 2017.10 is packed with great enhancements that continue to streamline design space exploration through improved results processing such as parallel plot line color shown in the image above and automation of analysis tool capture and workflows.

Some highlights:

  • Process Templates - Capture and reuse entire process flows for new projects
  • Remote Portal Execution - Run portal applications on remote systems
  • Plot Templates - Capture and recreate one or more plots for use in other studies
  • Design Set Rules - Flexible control for grouping designs of interest
  • Surrogate Plot Insight - Increased fidelity and controls for surrogate plots

You can download the software from your customer portal account as well as view a complete list of additions in the release notes. What's New webinars will be broadcasted on December 7th, 2017.

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