Affordable educational licenses of HEEDS are designed to meet the requirements of universities and colleges. An educational license offers all of same functionality as a commercial license, making it easy to enhance the caliber of design space exploration education at your institution.

   Student Friendly
Although the technology that powers HEEDS is complex, the software itself is user-friendly. The HEEDS interface features a unique tabbed layout that leads students clearly and quickly through the six-step process of project setup and execution. Expertise in optimization theory is not required.

   Easily Integrate with CAE Tools
HEEDS interfaces with all of the popular CAE applications to automate and expedite the design optimization process. It can easily work with multiple software tools to handle pre- and post-processing, simulation, and multidisciplinary optimization. HEEDS also easily interfaces with custom research codes.

   Supplement with pre-developed guides and sample problems
Free support guides and example problems are available to use directly or adapt for your courses. The problems demonstrate the use of HEEDS with many of the most popular CAE tools, including LS-DYNA, Abaqus, ANSYS WorkBench, MSC Nastran and NX.

   Special Programs
We support education programs such as Formula SAE Racing and FIRST Robotics.

More Information
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Note: Limited Technical Support is offered with our academic licenses.


For years, I searched for a powerful way to explain and illustrate design optimization principles in my undergraduate CAE course. HEEDS was the answer. Its user-friendly interface and logically structured input process make teaching optimization concepts and applications much easier.
Dr. Lorenzo M. Smith
Dr. Lorenzo M. Smith
Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Oakland University