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Process Automation

Accelerating the process of building virtual prototypes

HEEDS software helps you automate and simplify virtual prototyping initiatives by allowing you to:

Create process flows combining internal, commercial 1D, 2D and 3D simulation and cost-estimating tools
Modify any native geometry
Robustly re-mesh or update any simulation physics models
Support co-simulation or sequential workflows
Automate model rebuilding to explore a broad design space

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Automating simulation workflows

Portals 2017v2

Easily connect and interact with many commercial and internal software solutions

By using HEEDS, you can easily define the design workflow and automatically share data between different modeling and simulation products. This leaves you to focus on gaining a deeper understanding of you design and choosing the best option for production.

The process automation capabilities of HEEDS allows users to push a single button and evaluate any design variant. Furthermore, with the workflow fully automated, it allows for downstream design space exploration to take place more easily and efficiently.


A typical HEEDS workflow for crash & NVH design exploration

Drag-and-drop tool icons to define the process flow to build your virtual prototype. You can include internal tools or commercial 1D, 2D, and 3D simulation software. The process can be sequential or can include branching and loops. You decide.


Intuitive to Use

Even though the technology driving HEEDS is complex, the software is user-friendly. The unique interface leads you clearly through the five-step process of project setup, execution, and data mining.

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We help you discover better designs, faster

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The HEEDS design exploration team provides software and services to help you discover innovative solutions, reduce product development time and risks, and meet or exceed customer expectations.


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