Aerospace & Defense

For over a decade, HEEDS has led designers and engineers in aerospace and defense to develop innovative, standard-setting designs. HEEDS is a powerful, multidisciplinary design space exploration tool that works with your current simulation tools to automatically discover improved designs based on your constraints and performance requirements. The solutions HEEDS discovers have increased safety, performance, efficiency, and fuel economy while also reducing mass and noise.

HEEDS has been used to evolve better designs for the following components and sub-systems:

• Engine Components
• Laminate Structures
• Composite Wings
• Landing Gear

• Improved Airfoil Profiles
• Sensors & Antennae
• Fuselage Structures
• Composite Joint Layup

• Hatches and Doors
• Drive Trains and Transmissions
• IED-resistant/Driver-protective Hulls
• Ballistics Protection for Engine, Transmission, Battery, and Tire Components
• Chassis