Automotive & Transportation

For the past decade, HEEDS design space exploration software and consulting services from Siemens has helped automotive engineers discover innovative, improved designs faster, and with reduced material and manufacturing costs. Faster development time translates into a shorter time-to-market, giving our customers and clients a competitive advantage.

Automotive engineers worldwide use Siemens’ technology and expertise to create high-performance passenger vehicles that are safer, lighter, and more comfortable. Our design exploratoin strategies have improved the crashworthiness of systems and components, reduced NVH, and successfully discovered improved designs for:

• Suspension systems
• Hybrid electric powertrains
• Bushings
• Armored vehicles
• Seat systems

• Exhaust systems
• Electromagnetic sensors
• Pistons, rings and gears
• Heating and cooling systems
• Bumper systems

• Closure systems
• Chassis
• Axles
• Crashworthy body structure
and more...