HEEDS will automate your design capabilities and help you to seamlessly improve parameters that satisfy the multi-disciplinary goals of oil and gas development, and it will lower your lead time and cost simultaneously. With a fast and easy-to-operate interface, HEEDS makes available to you a robust solver that will combine with your current simulation technologies to flawlessly integrate your computing environment, align your design process, shorten your development cycle, and produce optimum, customer-satisfying designs. Industry leaders in the oil and gas field have used HEEDS to discover better designs, faster for:

• Risers, umbilicals, piping, trees, manifolds
• Blow-out preventers
• Bottom hole assemblies

• Heat exchangers
• Platforms
• Drilling equipment and more...

The call is open for cutting-edge designs and innovation. HEEDS will provide you with both, and will be the difference between you or your competition becoming the next big name in the industry.