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Presentation/Topic Date Host
What's New in HEEDS 2017.10 Webinar Dec 7, 2017 Siemens PLM
What's New in HEEDS 2017.04 Webinar May 18, 2017 Siemens PLM
Simcenter for Predictive Engineering Analytics OnDemand Siemens PLM
Discover Better Chassis Designs, Faster Dec 15, 2016 Red Cedar Tech
& MSC Software
What's New in HEEDS MDO 2016.10 Webinar Nov 30, 2016 Red Cedar Tech
Powertrain MDX Webinar Jan 28, 2016 Red Cedar Tech
Subsea Design Exploration: Optimization of Split Lock Ring Oct 13, 2015 FMC Technologies
Flipping the Classroom: Strategies for Success in Engineering Sep 10, 2015 Michigan State Univ
What's New in HEEDS MDO 2016.04 Webinar Jul 14, 2016 Red Cedar Tech
Better Products Faster through Multidisciplinary Design Exploration Jun 25, 2015 CD-adapco
Improving Thrust Reverser Performance through Design Exploration Jun 18, 2015 CD-adapco
Analysis-Led Design in Subsea Engineering May 21, 2015 GE Oil & Gas
Tapping into the Unknowns Using HEEDS and Cloud Computing Apr 23, 2015 Rescale & Trek
Optimization for Powertrain Applications Dec 16, 2014 CD-adapco
Designing Better Centrifugal Water Pumps, Faster Oct 30, 2014 Red Cedar Tech
Design Optimization of Heaters and Burners Mar 27, 2014 CD-adapco
Heat Sink Optimization Using Simulation of the Entire Operating Range Dec 12, 2013 CD-adapco