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Distributed Execution

Using HEEDS provides you with transparent, automatic, and scalable computation functionality that helps you accelerate the process of testing virtual prototypes.

Remove execution exampleExample of a typical HEEDS installation with remote execution

Specific capabilities include the ability to:

Leverage all available computing resources
Reduce simulation turnaround with multiple levels of parallelization, including workflow, tasks, and cores
Support unlimited load cases
Orchestrate simulation tasks across platforms and operating systems
Leverage efficient licensing schemes, high-performance computers (HPCs) and cloud resources
Maximize your investment in virtual simulation with 24/7/365 run availability

By using HEEDS, you can effectively leverage your existing hardware investment as the solution allows efficient use of all your hardware resources, including local, remote, cluster and cloud computing.

Compute Resource Settings

Example of the creation of compute resource templates

You can easily assign each modeling & simulation task to the most appropriate compute resources. You can mix and match operating systems (Windows & Linux) and you can access queuing systems, clusters, and cloud resources. You choose.


Fast, Parallel Execution

With HEEDS PARALLEL, you can run HEEDS design space exploration studies faster and make more efficient use of your hardware and software resources. While parallelizing analysis tools is a great way to increase throughput, rarely do they offer a linear speed-up. If hardware and software availability warrant, increase your design space exploration throughput in a linear manner but running multiple design concepts simultaneously.

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